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Tax Estimator

Estimate Your 2015 Taxes with Taxbrain’s Tax Calculator

Find out how much you’re getting back from the IRS today! In six simple steps the Tax Calculator will calculate an approximation of your tax refund or amount you owe.



1.Filing Status

Check here if you are 65 or older.
Check here if you are permanently blind.
Check here if spouse is 65 or older.
Check here if your spouse is permanently blind.

2.Number of Exemptions

Include 1 for yourself unless you are claimed by another person, 1 for your spouse (if applicable), and 1 for each dependent child.

3.Children Info

Enter the number of children included in line 2 that are under age 17.

4.Health Coverage
A. Number of adults without health care coverage.
B. Number of children without health care coverage.

5.Earned Income Credit
A. Number of children under age 19.
B. Number of children over age 18 and under the age of 24 that are full time students.
C. Number of children over age 18 and disabled.
The Tax Calculator is solely an estimation tool. Any information resulting from its use should be used accordingly. Use of this tool for any other purpose, such as preparation of a federal income tax return, is not authorized.
This tax tool is provided “AS IS.” There is no warranty of any kind regarding the accuracy or completeness of this tool or your results, and the user assumes all risk of use. Use of this tool constitutes your acceptance of these terms.