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Federal and State Worksheets

Tax Year 2013


General Information
The federal and state worksheets are similar to the tax forms provided by the respective government agencies. This allows the user to easily enter information according to the data already gathered by or provided to the user.


Time-Saving Automatic Calculations
Taxbrain does many of the calculations that would be required of the user if he or she were using the normal tax forms, schedules, and worksheets provided by the federal and state tax authorities. Some qualifications for specific forms, such as the Earned Income Credit (EIC) and the Child Tax Credit are automatically determined by information entered throughout the return, and the available credit is automatically calculated. This saves valuable time and ensures accurate calculations of tax data. 


Detailed Directions
For detailed directions on specific federal worksheets, see Federal Worksheets. See State Worksheets for a list of all states to find specific information for each state.


Frequently Asked Questions
The following are frequently asked questions and answers:

Q. What if I need to use more than one of the same type of worksheet, such as a W-2?
A. After completing the information for the first worksheet, click the "Save" button near the bottom of the worksheet to save the data and return to the Worksheets page.


Click the "Add" link next to the same worksheet, and a new blank worksheet will open.

Q. I clicked the "Savebutton after I finished a worksheet, but it stayed open and one or more of the fields were red, why is this?
A. There is an error in the worksheet that must be corrected before the worksheet can be saved. The data may be entered in the wrong format, or there may be a field that has been left empty that must have data entered to complete the worksheet.
Q. Should I enter "0.00" or leave fields blank if I don't have an entry for them?
A. Leave fields blank if they are not applicable to the taxpayer's unique situation. Do not enter 0.00, zero, or n/a.
Q. How do I add a worksheet that I know I need but is not appearing on the Worksheets lists?
A. Return to the Questionnaire and find the question that corresponds to the worksheet you need, and answer "Yes" to that question.
Q. How do I choose which 1040 form I want to file?
A. Taxbrain automatically determines the 1040 form required based on the information tax data provided by choosing the most affordable choice available.
Q. I already filled out my Worksheets, but now I can't find them - Where are they?
A. It is possible to create more than one Taxbrain return, and it is also possible to create more than one Taxbrain account. Return to the MyTaxbrain tab tab to see if more than one return has been created. If the return is not there, try to recall if you were previously working in a different Taxbrain account.
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