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Form 8812

Tax Year 2012

Additional Child Tax Credit
This form reports the taxpayer's refundable additional child tax credit which is available to certain taxpayers who are unable to take advantage of any or all of their Child Tax Credit. In other words, this credit allows the taxpayer to receive the unused portion of the Child Tax Credit as a refund. Unlike the Child Tax Credit, the Additional Child Tax Credit may create a refund for the taxpayer even if the he or she has no tax liability for the year.


This form will be automatically generated, and any available credit will be calculated based on the information entered into different worksheets throughout the tax return.


See IRS Pub. 972, Child Tax Credit and the  2011 IRS Form 8812 for more details and information.

for the
Additional Child
Tax Credit
To qualify for the Additional Child Tax Credit, the taxpayer must meet the following requirements:
  1. The taxpayer must have qualified for the Child Tax Credit, but not have been able to take the whole credit,
  2. The taxpayer must have had a minimum of $3000 in earned income, and
  3. The taxpayer must have met other income and social security payment requirements depending on the number of qualifying children.
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